Brain Idioms in 3D

This was my Thesis project. The project was about literal illustration of some English idioms with the word "Brain". People had to interpret literal meaning that they saw on the illutration to a certain idiom. The project included print and digital design. For the "print" part I made a book describing the process from the idea to final execution and printed 8 final posters. For the "digital" part I made 3D modeling, texturing and rendering of the illustrations as well as book layout design.

  • brain idioms quiz
  •  Try to guess which illustration stands for one of these expressions: 

    a) Brain fried                     b) No brainer
    c) Brainstorm                   d) Brainwash
    e) Pick someone's brain  f) Brain drain
    g) Brain freeze                  h) Brain wave

    Hover over here for answers: 1g, 2d, 3c, 4e, 5f, 6h, 7a, 8b.

  • Brain Idioms in 3D wall
  • There was a wall installation, showing all 8 posters at once and a book.
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  • book
  • This is a book that describes the process from concept to finished piece and describes all stages of the execution

  • book
  • While doing this project, there were a number of assets that did not make it to the final book and posters, but I think they look nice. Here are a few of them.