3D Consumer Electronics

This section has some 3d renders I did from scratch. 3D renders were used for presentations, packaging, animation, mockups, etc.

  • cables
  • Cables
    I've modeled and rendered hundreds if not thousands cables of all kinds and colors. Here are some examples.
    #3D #mockup #design

  • powerbanks
  • Some powerbanks I did for JustWireless International. You may see them at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Bestbuy, CVS and Marshalls. The renders were used for packaging and presentations.
    #3D #packaging #modeling

  • animated mockup-1animated mockup-2
  • These are some animated mockups for futher production to be displayed at Walmart and Walgreens. I showed how the stands should operate and provided the details of their functionality.
    #3D #Packaging #Mockup

  • phone cases
  • These were some of the renders I did for packaging and presentation of smartphone cases.
    #3D #Design #Packaging #Modeling